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About Our App

A few years ago I decided to set aside funds for charities. As I started to consider which causes are important to me and how to allocate funds to organizations supporting these causes, I realized that this is not a trivial task. Ideally, I wanted to invest in charities the same way I invest in stocks: buy some retail, a few tech, and a bit of pharma, just in case that miracle anti-aging pill gets invented. Unfortunately, there was no online tool or mobile app that would allow me to do this easily. This is how the idea for Givalytics was born.

Any questions or feedback? You can reach Artem Koren, the founder of Givalytics, on twitter: @clearlykoren

Firebase Datastore

Givalytics uses the latest real-time database from Google, Firebase, to keep your profile information, causes, organizations, portfolios, and prioritizations safe. Once you create an account, you can access it from any device.

Simple UI

The user interface is meant to be as simple as possible, with easy-to-click large buttons and big fonts. Simple naming conventions guide you through the portfolio selection and allocation process. Checks ensure that you don't hop out of a screen without saving information by accident.

Universal Design

The app is intended to look great on all Android devices. The simple color pallette and fades ensure that everyone has a comfortable and pleasant experience with the Givalytics app.

Minimal Info

We ask for minimal profile information to allow you to focus on what is important to you: tailoring charity impact to your exact needs. Punch you name, email address, and you are good to go.

Fully Customizable

We know that there are causes and charities important to you that we have never even thought of. Not to worry, we built the app so that you can enter your custom causes and organizations, select them from our database, or mix and match!

Free of Charge

The app is totes free. It's a handy dandy tool for you to use whenever you want at zero cost! What's not to love?!

How The App Works


Register an account so that you can login and view and prioritize your charity portfolio from any device. In your profile, indicate the amount of funds you intend to give charities over the next year.

Select Causes

Enter causes important to you. Think about what you'd like to change in the world. Reduce poverty? Cure cancer? Protect wildlife? There are many causes to choose from. We provide a comprehensive list of common causes in the app, however, you also have the option to enter your own custom cause that is improtant to you.

Select Organizations

Now that you have selected your causes, pick some charities that support these causes. For example, if you'd like to support humanitarian aid, some organizations you may want to consider are the Red Cross, Mercy Corps, or Doctors without Borders. We povide a list of popular charities with the app, but you are free to enter your own.

Create Portfolio

Once you've selected causes and organizations, you are ready to associate them into portfolio. Each cause represents a portfolio of organizations that support it. Go ahead and indicate which of the organizations you've selected support which cause.

Prioritize Causes

With all the key information gathered, you are ready to prioritize your caues. Givalytics uses a method called "pair-wise comparison" to determine what percent of your funds should go to each cause or organization.

Allocate Funds

This is the last step, you've made it! The "Allocate" feature shows you how to allocate funds across causes and organizations, so that you know exactly how much to give each of your charities over the period of year or on a monthly basis. That's it!

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Is it really free?

Yes!! Givalytics is ABSOLUTELY FREE! You're welcome. Enjoy.

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The app package is only a few megabytes in size and won't tax the already low storage space on your device. Additionally, Givalytics has no background activity, and so it will not have any impact on your battery when you're not using it. It's light, it's easy, and it's free! Download it today!